I have known Elana for several years now and have always found her to be sincere, kind, and Connected to Angels. She very generously included me in on a daily message from the Angels that proved to deepen my faith even more in Angels and their influence in our lives. The compilation of these messages is now a book that I would recommend to anyone! I have always felt comfortable with Elana and I believe that is because she quite possible may be an Angel that has come to earth in physical form to help manifest the work of Angel’s here on earth. I was fortunate to participate in Elana’s webinar on Angels and found it to be well thought out, so it was easy to follow and enjoyable to participate in. I am surprised and delighted to have been feeling more connected to the Angel’s in my own life since participating in the webinar. I am very grateful for Elana’s presence in my life and would recommend her to anyone interested in having a deeper connection with the Angel’s.