Austin Schmid

Can we be happy all the time? I would like to think we can, but we are human and we have emotions, feelings, and reactions to what is happening in our lives, in the environment around us, and in the world. Even with all of this, can we actually be happy more than we are not? I think we can. I know I have been…once I changed my thinking and how I react to things. But even with that transformation, I still find myself down sometimes, getting angry for way longer than I would like, and judging when I know I shouldn’t. It’s a process. Everything is a process. But that’s okay.

What is the point of living this life on Earth? It’s actually happiness. We are always striving for what we want to make ourselves feel better. That is our ultimate goal. But, is this goal far off somewhere that we have to suffer through to reach it? If we take a good look at where we are right now, with an open heart and with eyes filled with light, we will recognize that we are reaching our goal all the time. There are things to be happy about all around us. The fact that we can communicate through this computer, phone, tablet… shows us we are blessed with material things. Looking beyond material things, we have jobs, relationships, stories from around the world of love and healing…

It maybe more difficult for some of us to recognize the moments of happiness because we are drowning in the pain, discomfort, hurt, illness… but they are there. The more we pay attention to those moments of happiness, no matter how small, the more of those moments we have. If it is too difficult to notice them in the present, we can remember the happiness from another time in our life and hold onto that feeling. Not as a longing for that time, but as if it was happening now. What can it hurt to do this? We might feel some joy, some comfort, some love? Why do we stay in the feelings that don’t feel good? Why do we obsess over what is wrong and not what is right? We, in this society, feel the need to share our woes, as if we would be judged to be happy. This only brings more disharmony. Why must we stay there?

How do we be happier with so much going on that can block happiness? How do we reach that goal of happiness everyday? By recognizing it. It’s there. It’s in the small things. Someone’s smile, a thank you, a text, a good movie, a friend…and the list goes on. The smartphone that you can afford or was gifted to you, transportation, food to sustain you, a roof over your head… Just look around and even if you are physically not where you would like to be, just imagine how it could be worse. But don’t stay there too long! Just enough to realize the blessings that are there. Yes, happiness is related to gratefulness. We can’t help be happy when we feel grateful. But, if you find yourself forgetting and catching yourself not feeling the happiness, thank yourself for noticing and start again. Sadness, anger, and other not so friendly emotions are just part of our guidance system to help us realize where we are. Feel them, process them, and let them go. They are important, but we don’t want to live in them.

So in the new year, how about a gift to ourselves to look for the happiness, share the small thoughts that make us happy, and just be more happy? I know I am going to to try. That’s all we can do. I can promise you that if you really try, you will be more happy more of the time no matter how happy you are now. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

May you have a blessed and very HAPPY New Year!


With love and light,