Aki Tolentino

Life happens. Right? Right.

We have experiences that bring us joy and others that do not. That is part of our life journey. We are here to learn, experience, and grow. So how can we make the most growth, especially if we don’t want to come back in the next lifetime to finish figuring it out? One way is to pay attention to our perspective. Whatever our perspective is is fine because we are doing the best we can with what we know. But as we learn, we can change that perspective to support our growth and change our lives for the better.

We have all heard of the glass half full or half empty, right? Same glass, different perspectives. Half full assumes a positive outlook while half empty assumes a negative. So what if I said, “Hey, be happy you have a glass!” Got that from a Facebook post. There are some great thought provoking posts on Facebook! Anyway, these are all different perspectives.

My youngest daughter attended Albertus Magnus College for two years before an issue came about with the FASFA form and she was not awarded a grant again for the third year. It was too late to apply anywhere else so she worked for a year and applied to SCSU for the next. There were two very different perspectives that she had throughout this time. One being how unfair it all was and how the universe pulled the rug out from under her. I observed her understandable anger, sadness, and resentment. The other was how this whole experience was setting her up for better things. She gained work experience and had time to emotionally prepare for a much larger school. She would have never made the change on her own, but divine intervention (I think the angels had a hand in it all) made sure she was on the right path. Albertus’s small campus was perfect for her at first, but it was time to move on. As she changed her perspective, so did her fear into excitement. Although she has just started there, she is really enjoying the full college experience that she would not have allowed herself to have otherwise.

I was driving to the gym this morning while listening to the radio. A man called in to thank the DJ for lifting him up after a difficult week. His truck had flipped over after almost hitting a cow in the road. He had asked God at church for a good week just the day before. Now many in that situation would be mad at God for allowing this experience to happen at all. But this man was grateful that he was unharmed and thanked God for his protection. Think about the two perspectives.

When you think about it, it all relates to gratefulness, which is powerful. It happens to be one of the spiritual universal laws that help us manifest the lives we desire. Manifesting has to do with feelings. Our goal, and I think we are on the same page here, is to feel good as much as possible. If we can recognize something grateful in every experience, then we can have that good feeling more often. It also sends the universe the message of what we want, because what we put out, we will get back, so make it positive!

Therefore, our perspective is extremely important. Try to see the glass half full or that you have a glass to fill at all! You will feel better and you will experience more positive in your life. No matter where our perspective is, there is always room for growth. As I have stated in other posts, be kind to yourself in the process. Be grateful for wherever you are and be proud of whatever steps you take to enhance your life’s journey. Even if it is just when you recognize the half glass empty thought. Although I have been told I am a pretty positive person, I catch myself all the time, but then stop and look for what I am grateful for. There is always something to be grateful for from all experiences, no matter how horrible it may be to go through. We may not even recognize it until much later. It could be some type of transformation or it could have taken you down a path you never would have found otherwise.

It’s all about perspective. Which perspective are you going to take?


With love and light,