Rene Bernal

There are many who have grown up with sensitivities, knowings, and a number of other psychic abilities. However, there are so many more children now who sense, know, and feel things that astound the adults around them. Some are adjusting well while others struggle to cope with experiences they do not understand. Either way, they need the adults in their lives to understand, support, and guide them on their journey. As adults, we are trying to figure out our own place in this spiritual shift of consciousness. So how do we support the children? Through love and acceptance. Believing them and working through the experiences under the umbrella of normalcy fosters confidence and a healthy self-esteem. Their gifts are part of who they are and should become a normal part of their life experience. Surround them with people who are supportive and understanding, but who will treat them like every other child. This approach helps them not fear what they do not understand. Do the adults have all the answers? Of course not; however, the more we learn, the more we can be positive models for them. Learn as much as possible about the specific aspects of their gift and share it with them on their developmental level. Have conversations to help understand what they are experiencing without excessive probing. Often as children grow, they experience another aspect of their gift. So keep asking, learning, and sharing.

There are so many techniques and tools to support our spiritual growth. Children should learn them early. Share the knowledge. As every person is individual, experiment with different techniques to see what works best. As children grow, expose them to new ones and go back to others that did and did not work. Explore them together.

Many tools are more easily accessible now. A child may gravitate toward one over another. Some may work better than others for some children, depending on the child and their gifts. For example, some love crystals. They understand them and connect with them. Allow them to pick their own at a metaphysical or new age shop to carry around with them or place strategically in their rooms. Many others are natural healers. To protect them from taking on other’s energy, offer to train them in Reiki. Even though we know that Reiki would be beneficial for them, it ultimately should be their choice. If a child is not ready, offer again as they get older.

There are many other ways we can support our intuitive children. Teach children of all ages to surround themselves with white light or a pink bubble before going out into the world, where for them, it can be an overwhelming bombardment of other’s emotions and energy. Allow them to retreat in their own sacred space, such as their room, to recharge when needed. Supply opportunities to express themselves through the arts. Many of the children flourish when allowed to explore their creativity. Keep them away from violent media, such as movies, T.V. shows, and video games. Besides the developmental inappropriateness of many of them, children, as are we all, are impacted by the energy associated with them. Read and watch stories of peace, harmony, and love. Share stories of other children so they do not feel alone. Have them outside daily and teach them how to ground themselves as they are often working on a higher vibration and need to be balanced. Teach them to bring in their own light, as many of them are beacons for the spirit world.

This is an exciting time and our children have come here with a purpose to help raise our vibration and support the earth. Helping them to understand how their gifts can support their purpose can guide them through the sometimes challenging times they may face. They have arrived with enthusiasm, but with few tools to navigate. There is purpose for everything, small or large, including their gifts. Just as we guide our children through school, friendships, family situations, and the world at large, we need to guide them through their personal journeys.