Alexander S. Kunz


So I have decided to write a blog after much encouragement. What will I write about? Anything and everything of a spiritual nature, such as angels, the laws of the universe, intuitive children, past lives, and anything else that supports our soul’s experiences. Let me know if there is a topic that interests you and please share any comments!

This blog will also include my journey so far on my spiritual path, which, of course, began at birth in this lifetime, but actually consciously since 2006. I will share my current journey as I continue to grow and learn in hopes that it will support you on your path. Ups and downs are part of life, but they do not have to be looked at as good and bad. They are important experiences that I have come to recognize are divinely guided and are supposed to happen for our ultimate growth. Doesn’t mean I like them all.

I have also decided to interview others who are living their lives from the heart, doing what they truly love, to help inspire all of us to pursue our dreams. It can be scary if we have been living one way, but want to live another. But we can all do it!



So I guess we start with me. Who am I? I am Elana, mother, wife, daughter, school psychologist, author, speaker, teacher, friend, and a host of other more mundane, but just as important titles, such as dishwasher, scheduler, and keeper of the checkbook. My husband and I have been married for almost 26 years, although we have been together for 32. We have two adult daughters who are beginning their own journeys and two dogs, Max and Finn, who don’t get along so it’s the doggy shuffle from room to room to keep them separated, for now.

One daughter is home and going to college, while her older sister lives with her fiance (yes, we are also planning a wedding) while she decides what to major in for grad school. Both girls have also embarked on helping careers: art therapist and social worker turned possible school counselor! I will definitely be sharing stories about parenting them.

I just did the math and realized recently that I have been practicing school psychology for 24 years! Wow, time flies. It has changed a lot and although I still love many aspects of my job, I am loving my newer pursuits of learning and sharing spiritual information with others. Hence this blog!

Can’t wait until the next one. So much to write about, so little time. Nah! We can manifest all the time we need. Hmm. Still working on that one, but getting there. One thing is for sure, we are works in progress and we are perfect in our imperfections. Everything has purpose and so there are no mistakes.


With love and light