I did both the vision board and the deeper dive into the law of attraction workshop with Elana. Both were excellent. I must say, Elana will catch you off your guard, don’t expect the same old routine with her technique. I found her perspective refreshing, intuitive, and unique. I also like how she encourages feedback from the participants. I loved how her presentation on the law of attraction did not focus on money, but on spiritual principles first and foremost. If that’s what you are looking for in your life, Elana will help you get your focus in the right place!
– Benjamin R.
I loved the vision board workshop! Elana’s warmth and easy going manner make it easy to relax and listen to your own Voice… I ended up with a vision board that surprised me, and that I love to look at every morning when I go to meditate. I plan to stay connected to Elana – she is a sweet, encouraging shining light.
– MJ
I have known Elana for several years now and have always found her to be sincere, kind, and Connected to Angels. She very generously included me in on a daily message from the Angels that proved to deepen my faith even more in Angels and their influence in our lives. The compilation of these messages is now a book that I would recommend to anyone! I have always felt comfortable with Elana and I believe that is because she quite possible may be an Angel that has come to earth in physical form to help manifest the work of Angel’s here on earth. I was fortunate to participate in Elana’s webinar on Angels and found it to be well thought out, so it was easy to follow and enjoyable to participate in. I am surprised and delighted to have been feeling more connected to the Angel’s in my own life since participating in the webinar. I am very grateful for Elana’s presence in my life and would recommend her to anyone interested in having a deeper connection with the Angel’s.
– Tracey S.
My first experience with Elana Whyte was through a vision board workshop she facilitated at a local shop. Immediately, I knew she was meant to be in my life for a purpose. Ever since I was a child I’ve been interested in angels. But it wasn’t until my early 20s, after an encounter that I can only attribute to intervention of a spiritual kind, that my curiosity grew. After that I did some reading on angels and also used the Original Angel Cards and Book Set by Kathy Tyler. It has been a long time since then, life got busy and my awareness waned. Last year, I had a scare after a life threatening health issue. I realized it was time again to reconnect with my guides and follow a more intuitive path. During the vision board workshop Elana mentioned her work with angels. That is how I found her webinar. I find Elana to be knowledgeable and very approachable. She is willing to guide you through any questions you may have. She has made herself available for follow-up afterward, which I feel is key to any learning journey…the learning doesn’t end when the webinar stops.
– Brin S.
This is the second time I’ve taken Elana’s vision board workshop. I had been wanting to make a vision board for a long time, but this workshop makes it easy. She guides you through self-discovery and gives you all the tools you need. And most importantly, having the time set aside to focus on the project is super helpful. I have 2 beautiful boards that remind me of my desires and help me to focus and stay true to myself. I have had moments of recognition when something happens that recalls the ideas and goals I have projected on the board. I have already had 2 such moments from her class last week.
– Laura V.
I have done vision boards before, NOT LIKE THIS. To say this is a creative experience does not do the experience justice. It was divine. It was sacred. It was peaceful and blissful simultaneously. Elana guides you to your life long dreams, your purpose with ease and comfort and grace. When you are done you look down at your board and realize, you have your soul laid out in front of you without even having worked at it. DO NOT MISS THIS EXPERIENCE! It was awe inspiring!
– Michelle H.
I had the honor of attending a vision board event that Elana hosted. It was my first time creating a vision board. It was truly a beautiful, inspiring experience. Elana has such a calm nurturing essence and was able to foster a healing space amongst the group of women that attended. I laughed, cried and was able to leave the event with more strength and clarity to move forward in the future. I am here almost a year later and I still think back to the experience I’ve had in that vision board class, it was truly uplifting!
– Dr. Mary Ford, ND
The visioning board workshop really helped me to clarify and empower my dreams. Elana was like a wise mountain sherpa helping everybody in the group
to find and honor their own individual journey. The workshop was a blast!
– Woody W.
Elana is a gifted and motivating speaker. I attended one of her Vision Board Workshops which was carefully prepared and wonderfully executed. Time passed quickly because the group was actively engaged in discussion and creation of boards. Elana directed individual thought to our goals and dreams, helping to focus on and become open to, opportunities related to our Boards. Positive results for me began almost immediately.
– Debbie G.
Thank you Elana! I really enjoyed your class and the company of everyone that attended.
– Andrey M.
I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now and have only just begun to discover the law of attraction. I’ve always been interested in creating a vision board, but didn’t quite know where to begin. The universe answered my need when I came across an offering for Elana’s Vision Board class! The class was absolutely amazing! It felt great to set time aside and truly focus on what I wanted and the goals I wanted to achieve. Elana is a wonderful and supportive facilitator and keeps in touch with all of her clients even after the class is over! And wouldn’t you know, a few days after taking the class I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize…I picked up and I won a trip back to Sedona, AZ…something I put on my Vision Board! Take the class and be prepared for the gifts the universe has to offer you!
– Victoria V.