Austin Chan

So signs. Signs of what, you may be asking. For everything! We receive signs from spirit all the time, but most we don’t recognize, realize, or pay attention to. But they are there and they can guide us, support us in times of need, or just be a hello from a loved one who has passed. We just need to pay attention and be open to receiving them.

Signs can be in the form of words, music, images, animals, or pretty much anything else you can think of. I personally receive signs from the angels all the time, but I know there are more than I recognize on a daily basis. But there is one way they know I will notice and that’s through numbers. I see the numbers 1’s and 4’s everywhere! For my daughter, it’s the number 7. When I see 1’s and 4’s, I know they are trying to tell me something. For me, it’s usually, “You are okay. We are here.” This gets me back on track and out of my worry state. Often when I see them, I will try to remember what the last thing I was thinking about and it puts me at ease about the subject. So where do I see these numbers? Often on license plates, billboards, mailboxes, and the clock. I just happen to look at them at the right time. I will be driving and the one mailbox I’ll look at on that street will be 1411, 114, or some variation. Sometimes it isn’t as blatant, such as 4013, but there will be a 4 and 1. Sometimes it will just be one of these numbers, but it will be the first one. That’s a little nudge. My daughter and I just say, “Of course” when it has 4’s and 1’s in the license plate ahead of us when we are discussing something frustrating. Then I say aloud or to myself, “Thank you,” and smile.

When my friend is going through changes or difficult times, she will begin to see feathers everywhere. Just the angels way of saying she is supported and not alone. She will get through this.

I have received many other signs. Animals can be signs of guidance or messages from loved ones. I was thinking about my great grandmother, who I called Buby, one day while at a traffic light. I don’t remember much of my childhood, but I do remember she had parakeets and the love I felt when around her. All of a sudden, a small bird landed on my hood near my windshield right in front of me. It just stayed there hopping slightly while facing my way. I know it was her saying hello. That bird did not fly away until I had to move when the light turned green. It seemed like a very long light!

We had a beautiful black chow/husky mix we rescued when she was 2 years old. Leah was a wonderful dog, but sadly at 10 years old, we had to let her go after she developed a very large tumor. Right after she passed, I was listening to the radio as I thought of her. I started laughing and crying at the same time, if that’s possible. The song, Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me) by Anna Kendrick, was playing. I laughed at the lines, “You’re gonna miss me by my hair, You’re gonna miss me everywhere.” Her hair used to be everywhere! Then, “You’re gonna miss me by my walk, You’re gonna miss me by my talk.” She had the cutest walk and only talked when absolutely necessary! I always say hi to her when I hear that song because I know she is near. Around Christmas time that same year, I received a free grab bag gift when I made a purchase at a local new age shop. Inside was a small black charm of a dog. Happy holidays to you, too, Leah!

And as I wrote these last two emotionally charged paragraphs, I realized Daniel Kobialka’s version of the song, My Heart Will Go On, was playing. Hi Buby and Leah! Love and miss you.

Animals and insects can also be guidance. Just Google spiritual meanings of animals and you will get a wealth of information. If you see a specific animal all the time, like squirrels in your yard, then that may not be a sign, but seeing an animal you haven’t seen much or seeing it in a peculiar place may be one. I don’t see dragonflies often, but when I do I know they represent transformation, especially when they land on me! A deer can represent the ability to move through life with grace. You don’t need to see the live versions, but if you all of a sudden start seeing pictures or hearing references to a particular animal, pay attention and look it up. It could be a message.

If you want guidance for a particular question, these techniques can also be helpful. Ask a question and change the radio station and listen for your answer. Ask a question and open a book to get a message. Yes, any book. There may be a line that stands out that relates to your question. Ask a question and pay attention to conversations that may reveal a message for you. Spirit is always trying to communicate with us and they will respond to our requests.

If you ask for a sign, look around. It could be on the side of a truck as part of a logo, through someone else’s words, in a song, on TV, or anywhere you least expect it. It might not come immediately. It might not be obvious. But if you notice something and you think it is an answer or a hello, then it could well be. The more you practice, the more you will recognize them. And when you do, always say thank you.


With love and light,