‚ÄčEvan Kirby

As I was thinking of a topic for this week’s post, I was guided to pick a message from my book, “365 Morning Messages from the Angels; Daily Messages to Guide You to a More Positive Life.” So I closed my eyes and opened the book to where I was led. The message read, “Everyone is on their own path, finding their own way in their own way. Being compassionate towards others will smooth your path.” Bingo! But, of course. The angels led me to it.

So what does this mean? Simply, we are all doing the best we can with what we have. We can only do what we know from our experiences. Our life has molded us to become who we are and we can only be who we are, no one else.

It is very easy to judge others for not seeing and doing as we would. But we have not experienced what they have in the exact way they have and so we can’t truly understand where they are coming from. As much as we may think we don’t judge, we all do…unless we consciously don’t. How do we consciously not judge? Through compassion. Showing compassion for others allows us to see them as souls living a human experience and accept that there are reasons for their behavior. We are here on earth, in this life, for a reason. We need to have our experiences to fulfill the plan we set forth before coming here. We can guide and be guided by others, but only we can make the choices we make for our own growth. Compassion does not mean we have to agree with the choices of others, just not judge them.

This can be difficult, especially in today’s world. Think about all the situations in the last week at home, at work, on the news, on social media…anywhere you have put your attention to. How often did you not like what you saw or heard? How did it feel? I’m assuming not good. What does that feeling do to you? Lowers your vibration and causes disharmony within your body. This can lead to dis-ease. This is the second part of the message. The more we are compassionate towards others, the easier our own path will be because we will be more calm, peaceful, and positive about what others are doing. We need to allow them to be where they are to have the experiences they need to have for their ultimate plan. This raises our vibration and promotes healthy living.

So what does it mean to raise our vibration? It’s actually science, which is not my forte. However, I can explain that everything is energy in different forms with different vibrations. The reason most of us cannot see angels, for example, is because they are vibrating at a much higher level. Our ability to connect with them becomes easier as we raise our vibration. We can connect with them on any level of vibration, but it is much easier and clearer as our vibration is higher. But that is another post altogether. For this post, understanding about vibrations can help us to be healthier and happier, which is what we all strive to be. Approaching every situation with compassion can help raise our vibration and bring us to that place of peace and well-being more often.

And remember to show compassion for yourself. We are our worst critics.


With love and light,